Man on a Journey

I have been working on another song, entitled Man on a Journey.
This is one of the first songs I started working on for my debut album. I maintained the melody/harmony but did change most of its
rhythmic structure, so it does sound a bit different. It is going to be the 2nd mammoth of the album in terms of lenght (around 10 minutes), with all the other songs being about 5 minutes long.

Conquering Sea

Raging Sea
Hello dear friends. I’ve been working on my song Conquering Sea. It has changed immensely over time. It’s funny how sometimes compositions can go from a soundscape to a totally different one.
This is going to be a mammoth song, around 10 minutes long.
It’s in B flat minor and it starts very slow and sparse, with huge harmonic intervals of 10ths on the left hand providing the bass, and short trills providing the melody on the right hand. After this 2 minute intro comes a beautiful melodic section that continues as a prelude to the verses and where the voice/lyrics kick in. The verses have a nice rhythmic section with trills yet again, but this time around the first and second beat are tied together, giving them a nice rhythm. More on this song soon. Peace and Love.


Hello dear friends,
This is a sample of a song composed by me last year, entitled When Nightfall Steps In.
This is only the instrumental. The final version for the album will, of course, have my vocals as well.
I decided to include in this video a small excerpt of the lyrics I wrote for the song.
Both the music and lyrics are by me, so you are in no circumstances allowed to use them at all.
Enjoy and stay tuned for more news!

New: Diogo Interviews musicians

Dear friends, there’s a new section on my website called “Diogo Interviews“. As the name suggests it’s me doing a series of interviews to other musicians. These won’t be just your regular interview, as they come from one musician to another.
The first one features the artist METAPHOREST: “I don’t remember ever not singing really –  I took up guitar at around age 12″.
Read the whole interview with Metaphorest.

Update on Composition Process

Hello dear readers. Things have changed a bit over here. I have had some time off when it comes to composing and kept mostly playing the piano. I am now back to working on my album and I’ll be having exciting news about the whole process soon.
I decided that my song “On a Lake of Debris” needed to be started from scratch and so I have ditched the old composition (except for the rhythmic section in the chorus, that I’ll be using in another song) and am now working on its new soundscape.
The Wondering Within” is also going to have some changes and the lyrics to “Conquering Sea” have taken a slightly different turn. I have extended them a great deal and therefore this is going to be a massive mammoth song in terms of lenght. I love long songs, there’s so much that can be done with them.
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Love to all.